Dog who Protected Colombian Cartel Drug Traffickers now Fights Crime with Police

A former 'gangster' dog who once protected a Columbian drug lord is being re-trained by police to fight crime. more »

Oct 8, 2014 News

Utah Police K-9 Tracks Down 5-Year-Old Boy who was Kidnapped by Father

A police K9 successfully tracked down a 5-year-old Utah boy after the boy was kidnapped by his father. more »

Oct 8, 2014 News

Police: 2 Arrested in Milford after K-9 Finds Cocaine

MILFORD >> A man and woman were arrested Saturday night after a police dog found crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia inside a vehicle on Woodmont Road, police alleged. more »

Oct 8, 2014 News

Eager Police Dog’s Well-Honed Sniffing Skills Allows Springfield Officers to Connect Suspects with Boston Road neighborhood Break-in

SPRINGFIELD – An eager police dog’s well-honed sniffing skills allowed officers to connect a pair of suspects to a break-in scene at a Boston Road neighborhood construction site early Monday. more »

Oct 8, 2014 News

Woodburn K-9 Sniffs out Backpack with Gun, Drugs Stashed in Hedge

WOODBURN, OR (KPTV) -After tracking down a potentially armed man, police said a K-9 sniffed out the suspect's backpack stashed under a hedge concealing drugs and a gun. more »

Oct 8, 2014 News

Police Dogs Track Accused Car Thieves

POLICE dogs were used to track two men who have been charged with breaking into a car at Harristown. Officers were called to a Derwak St home at 1.47am yesterday after a resident reported disturbing two men breaking into a car. more »

Oct 8, 2014 News

Jet the Police Dog Helps RCMP with Major Drug Bust

Men face possible charges after Osoyoos police seized drugs, cash, weapons, and offence-related property. more »

Oct 8, 2014 News

Police Dog Assists in Arrest of Rochester Man

A police dog took down a Rochester man who police say has multiple felony and misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. more »

Oct 8, 2014 News

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