State Police K-9 Units Recruited to Help Keep Drugs out of Vermont Prisons

MONTPELIER -- The Vermont State Police and the Vermont Department of Corrections have signed an agreement to have regular and on-call K-9 drug detection teams in Vermont prisons to help stem the flow of drugs to inmates. more »

Jul 23, 2014

Cadaver Dogs and Divers Aim to Advance River Recoveries

River rescues and recoveries happens too often in our communities. In the case of a recovery, divers can help retrieve a body from the water, but cadaver dogs can help too. The two groups held a training session today. more »

Jul 23, 2014

Drugs Seized, 14 Arrested in Snowy Mountains Police Operation

A five-day police operation in the Snowy Mountains has led to multiple arrests and drug seizures. Police say the operation, which focused on the behaviour of patrons at local hotels, led to 14 arrests for drug, alcohol and anti-social offences. more »

Jul 23, 2014

Marshall Co. Correctional Facility Using K-9 Units to Detect Cellphones as well as Drugs

HOLLY SPRINGS, Mississippi — Trish Doty rolls her eyes at the Hollywood-inspired notion of a file being smuggled into prison inside a cake. more »

Jul 23, 2014

K-9 Unit Assist in Arrest

A Russellville man was arrested on Friday after being apprehended by the Russellville Police Department’s K-9 Unit. more »

Jul 23, 2014

Six Arrested in Drug Investigation

Six people were arrested Saturday on drug charges after a joint investigation by the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office and the London Police Department, according to Laurel County Sheriff John Root. more »

Jul 23, 2014

Westchester County Cop, K-9 Locate Missing Girl, 3

OSSINING – A Westchester County police officer using a K-9 located a missing 3-year-old autistic child who wandered away Saturday from her grandparents' home, police said Sunday. more »

Jul 23, 2014

Two Arrested After Heroin Found at Washington Home

Authorities said two suspected drug dealers were taken into custody after the Washington police K-9 alerted on suspected heroin. more »

Jul 23, 2014

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